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'The service we received from start to finish was immpecable and the end result was more than we could have hoped for. When we met with Stephen he listened to all our ideas and took on board what we were looking for.'


George Spence - Smooth Move


Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for a list of frequently asked questions.




Why choose a Great Value website?

The name says it all, we pride ourselves in offering a one-stop solution in delivering websites that cover mostly everyone’s needs at really affordable prices. We have no hidden extra costs, just the set-up fee then the standard monthly payments which covers your domain name, hosting site support and updates, so you can focus fully on your core business.



What are the time scales before my website can 'go live'?

After your initial telephone consultation. We will upload a holding page and activate your email accounts within 24hrs of receiving your 50% deposit which will allow you to start conducting business through a professional business email account.


A Great Value designer will then carry aut a fact finding questionnaire to build a picture of your business which is essential in creating a solid structure for your website and a clear development path.


Once the design is approved, our web designer will then start building the

website due for final completion within a further 5 days.



Can I cancel my contract at any time?

Yes, if you cancel with us; just write to us or send us an email and your website will be de-activated at the end of that month. There is a £40 cancelation fee.



Will I get a refund if I change my mind?

Once you have ordered the website you will not have to pay any further costs,
however the deposit is non refundable.


After the set-up and design has been completed you will be requested to pay monthly, in advance, so when you email and cancel, we simply stop the payment requests and your website will be de-activated at the end of that month.



Can I keep my current web address?

Yes, your web address or domain name requires a simple change to transfer the hosting to our servers.



Do I need to pay for hosting?

The hosting is included in the monthly £19.99 fee.



Will I experience any ‘downtime’?

Our websites are hosted on highly reliable servers that are managed and maintained 24 hours, seven days a week. The chances of this happening are extremely unlikely.



Will I own the website outright?

No, the source code will always belong to us. But the domain names will remain your property.



What if I ever want to use another company to supply me with a website?

If you choose to use another website supplier, we charge a transfer fee of £25 to transfer your domain, just let us know when and where you want to move to.



Do I need a merchant bank account to accept credit card payments?

No, you can use a payment processor such as PayPal.



Do I get email addresses with the website?

Yes. You can have as many is as required. Emails can be accessed through ‘webmail’ or an email client like ‘Windows mail’(available also on mobile phones)



Is there free help and support?

All support packages include online and email support.



Is there anything that I cannot sell or publish on my website?

Yes, we will not allow you to publish or sell offensive and illegal material on your website.



How does the pricing work?

You will pay a one off set-up fee dependent on the package you choose, then subsequent monthly payments as agreed at the point of sale. We reserve the right to change our prices at any time.

We have additional services available that do command and additional cost however none of these services are needed to operate our web solutions.



Will my website rank well in the search engines?

It is impossible for any company to guarantee that any website will rank well in a search engine. However, Great Value Media websites are written in line with most search engine codes of ethics, and can be read easily by the search engines.



Can I track the traffic through my website?

Yes, Great Value Media websites are fully integrated with Google Analytics, which is a free service supplied by Google. You will need to register your website with Google Analytics; again, this is free.



Is there a limit to how much bandwidth I can use?

Yes. Although we offer ‘unlimited bandwidth’, we have a fair-use policy which ensures that every website on our servers can run at an optimum speed. If your website uses so much bandwidth that it has the potential to affect other websites on the server, then we would contact you to rectify the situation.